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Is roller derby a real sport?

While many of the original roller derby teams of the twentieth century relied on theatrics and staged gameplay to attract a fanbase, modern flat track roller derby is a real sport! Every hit placed and point scored on the track is genuine. Many leagues and skaters continue the use of theatrical "derby names" and themed gear as an homage to the origins of the sport.

Is roller derby family-friendly?

Our league prides itself on its family entertainment value. Children and families are welcomed at our events!

Can you beat up opposing skaters on the track?

Derby certainly takes its physical toll, but it is not a violent sport. Punching, kicking, tripping, and elbowing are all considered gross misconduct, and players will be expelled form the game immediately. There are legal ways to hit opposing players, such as using shoulders and hips to shove them out of bounds or off their feet. Hitting a player in the middle of their back is forbidden. Check out Derby 101 to learn the rules of the game!

Can men join the league?

While our derby teams are currently women-only, we always welcome male league members as referees and NSOs! It takes an exhaustive number of officials to run a derby game, so the more the merrier. Go to Join the Slayers for more information about how to get involved with the league.

I have never skated before, and/or I'm not athletic. Can I still join the Sitka Sound Slayers?

Don't worry, we train you from the ground up! It's common to join without ever having skated before. Even if you're out of athletic shape, the beauty of roller derby is its inclusiveness and body diversity! We have skaters of all shapes, heights, weights, sizes, and physical conditions. Click here to Join the Slayers!

Is there an age limit?

We have no maximum age limit. However, our minimum age requirement is 18 years old, given that you provide proof of high school graduation.

Where can I buy Slayers fan gear?

We currently sell Slayers merchandise at our bouts and Slayers events. Keep your eye out for our Merchandise page coming to the website soon!

Can I purchase copies of bout posters?

Absolutely! Like our merchandise, these can be purchased at bouts.

Where can I get tickets?

Tickets are always available at Old Harbor Books in the weeks leading up to game day. Or, if you know a friendly Slayer, ask them to hook you up! Follow us on <Facebook> to stay updated on ticket sales.

Who owns and runs the league?

The Sitka Sound Slayers is a non-profit organization entirely owned and operated by our skaters. This is typical of derby leagues across the world! For information on how to aid the organization, learn how to Become A Sponsor.

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