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About the Sitka Sound Slayers


The Sitka Sound Slayers got rolling in late November 2012 after a social gathering at the local brewery. With over 50 interested women athletes showing up, it was inevitable that roller derby would become a reality in  Sitka. The first practice was held with only five skaters, but momentum grew and by February 2013 the Slayers hosted our first training camp. In March 2013 the official logo was selected and we have been slaying ever since.


The Slayers promote health, strength and high self-esteem in women through the athletic sport of roller derby. We also provide opportunities for skaters, referees and volunteers to interact with the community through the promotion of the sport while providing family friendly, dynamic entertainment.


We welcome athletes of all skill levels! See Join the Slayers to find out how to become a skater, referee, NSO, or volunteer!


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